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British European Education Partnership

The British European Education Partnership (B2EP) is a group of several small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) that have come together to provide a source of expertise for other companies and organisations wishing to increase their productivity, efficiency and add value to their operations. From Business, Education and Web Consultancy to offering Professional Qualifications, Short Courses and Seminars we can work with you in the UK or within your country.

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We offer expertise in Business Management, Staff Development, Programme Management, Project Management, Quality Improvement, Change management, Web design, Web Hosting, SEO Consultancy, Team Recruitment, Vendor Management, Web Analytics and Social Media.

Professional Qualifications

We can offer a range of Accredited Professional Qualifications that can be delivered within the UK to international students or can be delivered remotely within country with mentoring support and staff visits to your company location. We have ties with Educational Organisations in several countries where our UK accredited courses can be delivered.

Short Courses / Seminars

Our partners offer a wide range of short courses and seminars which can be bespoke developed according to your specific needs. These can be delivered within the UK or via our international education partners in several countries. We are happy to discuss delivering bespoke courses or seminars in your location.

What we Do

Focus on Intrapreneurship

In order for any company to survive and be successful it must ensure competitive advantage through effective and sustainable innovation. Intrapreneurship contributes clear opportunities to any organisation in any field of business. We have the expertise to support the process of innovation and creative thinking to add value to organisations.

View our published article in the British Polish Chamber of Commerce Contact Magazine or download a copy below.

A new focus on Intrapreneurship

Featured Projects

Professional Qualification

Tailored HNC Training

For Azzawiya Oil Refinery Company.

Web Services

New Commercial Website

For UK Engage.

Consultancy Services

Government Introductions

For Astrosat

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