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Short Courses / Seminars

We offer a wide range of short courses and seminars which can be bespoke tailored according to your specific needs. These can be delivered within the UK or via our international education partners in several countries. We are happy to discuss delivering bespoke courses or seminars in your location.

Adding value (one day programme)

An essential course for any CEO/ Proprietor/ Owner of a small or medium sized company  development –  anticipating the next phase of their company’s journey, whether it is selling up or moving to another level. Adding value or understanding the worth of a company must take in a range of factors such as the strength of the brand, reputation, customer base, growth opportunities, quality systems and staff expertise. This essential course is targeted at those proprietors who are looking to move to another level or phase of development.

Capacity Building (one day programme)

Capacity Building has become one of the recurring themes on the agenda of companies, public administrations, international agencies and governmental and non-governmental organisations. Capacity building refers to the process of optimising the skills of individuals and institutional support of one or more organisations. It is the process of consolidation of their capacities at an individual, organisational and at the relational and institutional level. This allows progression and adaptation to new contextual requirements and to fulfil their role within the organisational structure. In summary, capacity building optimises the value of staff expertise and knowledge, and also that of stakeholders and business partners. The programme considers practical and achievable strategies for capacity building.

Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma (one or two day programme)

The concept of lean thinking is embedded within world class organisations but not implemented in all companies. It has been shown to benefit not only manufacturing but also commerce and service industries, increasing supply chain efficiencies and effectiveness. The processes of Lean, 6 Sigma and the component concepts of Kaizen, Gemba and DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers) are largely unheard of by most SMEs and microbusinesses.

Lean enterprise and Six Sigma improve the effectiveness of supply chains and increase sustainability of the supply of goods and services. As a process of Value Stream Management, the traditional ways of doing things are challenged with the ultimate intention of improving Quality, as well as customer and workforce satisfaction.

International Standards (one or two day programme)

We can deliver programmes of support to enable companies to achieve a range of International Standards. These include the well known ISO9,000 and ISO14,000 series, but also less known, but also important ISO standards such as the ISO18,000 (Occupational Health); ISO50,001 (Energy Management) and ISO27,000 (Information Security Management) series. We have amongst our associate base, experts that can guide you to achieve any of these standards that will improve the quality of your company or organisation.

Introduction to Project Management (one day programme)

All projects have a life cycle. Effective project management is about understanding where your project is within that life cycle. The seminar identifies and explains the tools for effective project management and gives recommendations on how to achieve success in your project. The seminar gives practical advise to ensure a project is completed successfully.

Customer Care (half day or on day programme)

In every organisation, the most important person is not the CEO or the Chair of the Board but the Customer. Satisfied customers are the key to sustainable and profitable business. This short seminar introduces the principle of Customer Care, relevant to every organisation, whether your customers are internal or external.

Leadership (one day programme)

‘Leaders are born not made’ Who said that!  The statement may be true, or believed to be true, but leadership is the result of the interplay of style/ personality/ circumstance. The programme looks at modern approaches and concepts of Leadership. How do you become a good leader yet remain true to yourself? A good leader must first know themselves.

Team Management (half day or one day programme)

“There is no ‘I’ in team”, it is said. However how do you ensure that a group of people become a team? How do you manage to get the best from your team? The seminar provides some recommendations for effective teamwork will make you think about your approach to working with others. Effective teamwork requires effective planning to ensure success. This seminar considers strategies to achieve just that.

Health & Safety (one day programme)

The health and safety of employees and customers is crucial to the survival of an organisation. Neglect of the physical environment can result in loss of working days, loss of morale and motivation, loss of reputation and even loss of life. Current UK and EU legislation on health and safety are considered in terms of their transferability to companies in Poland and elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Can be delivered to a range of  IBOSH and NEBOSH accredited levels.

Introduction to Marketing (half day or one day programme)

No company can sell its products without marketing of one form or another. Marketing is the communication between a company and its customers, present or future, with the intention of increasing the value of the company and its products and/ or services, or to raise the profile of the company and its products in the public mind. It is necessary to understand the complexities of the markets available to ensure maximum success for the company and its products and/ or services. The seminar will introduce the basic requirements for a successful marketing strategy.

Emergency Response and Procedures  (one day programme)

Experts in health and safety and also with a background in front-line emergency response, such as the fire service and/ or police, will deliver the course. The course provides some essential recommendations that might mitigate the harm done when an emergency situation arises. The course has many practical tips to ensure safety of staff, customers and the wider community of stakeholders.

Writing successful applications for EU funding (one day programme)

Our team has considerable experience of writing and successfully obtaining European funding in a range of forms including Structural Funding, ESF and ERDF, Community Initiatives and the Lifelong Learning Programme, now Erasmus Plus. Not only have we written successful bids, but we have also managed EU-funded projects and have been called upon to assess applications on behalf of the European Commission. We can provide sound advice to ensure an effective application for funding.

English/German for Business purpose

Communication is an essential business component to the success of any company. Understanding customer requirements, negotiating business contracts, delivering customer service all require effective communication skills.  With English language the International Language of choice in Europe and around the world, English language is an essential business skill for employees the 21st Century.  Established since 2004 International Centre of Education and Tourism “Karol is one of the leading educational centres in Poland. The ‘Karol’ team has a wide experience of delivering English and German Language training to individuals and to companies for business purposes.  We can provide English and German language training (accredited incuding BEC 1 & 2 TOIC or non accredited) to meet needs of companies.

Introduction to the Web (1 Day programme)

Getting your company presence on the Internet is vital in today’s digital age.  A company website is the customers gateway to your business and often the critical first impression they will have of your company.  It is essential to use this platform effectively to engage your customers from their first visit to your site.  So how do you market yourself on the web?  Learn how to get the best out of your website and how to market your company effectively using digital media.  This course considers the essential factors for the effective use of the web.

We can offer a range of bespoke training packages to suit your individual requirements from web design using open source to implementing premium content management systems.

Introduction to Credit Management (half day or one day programme)

Ensuring our customers pay for our goods and services in a timely manner is essential for any company however large or small.

Credit management is the process which ensures that customers pay for the products delivered or services rendered. The longer an amount is outstanding, there is a risk that the customer will not be able to pay. The longer it takes the customer to pay, the higher the risk of non-payment.  Therefore, managing credit effectively is a vital part of any well-managed business that will help reduce bad debts and improve the cash flow in the business.

This course introduces the world of Credit Management, to help companies develop strategies to effectively manage risk and focus on the processes involved to ensure their companies remain solvent.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore staff development and Professional Accreditation through the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM).

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL Short course)

The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is a certification for qualified computer operators in the same way that a regular driving license is a certification for qualified vehicle operators – although it differs in that one may lawfully operate a computer without a computer driving license.

To obtain ECDL certification, an individual must pass a test about basic IT knowledge as well as six practice-based tests of competence using a computer and popular computer applications. Employers frequently require employees – or potential employees – to attain ECDL certification.

Company Visit Programme

Often the best way to learn is by seeing it first hand. When you are looking to change a process, invest in a new system or develop a new product range, there are areas of excellence in other countries and companies which can help you get ahead of the game.

If you are looking to explore best practice in a particular area of business or field of work, or are simply looking for new supply chains, investment opportunities or partnerships we can arrange a tailored visit programme incorporating company visits alongside related training. Programmes are currently  delivered in the UK or Poland. 

An example company visit schedule:


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